I will never forget Sayulita. Not because of the things I did there and because it was beautiful. Well, the first beach we went to, was totally dirty and the second crowded.

No, Sayulita was the only travel experience I had with Anastasia (the girl in the right). We met in the Air BnB place, when I was moving out and she in and later she showed up in the house I was living in for the first semester in Guadalajara. We didn’t like each other at all. I rolled my eyes, when I found out she talks German and even studied in the city I come from, she didn’t understand that mimic and felt personally attacked. Well my goal was to live with Mexicans to learn Spanish faster and more efficiently. She moved in and the first month, we kind of ignored each other.

How we became friends, is still a little miracle to me. I had problems with my other roommates, because they couldn’t accept that in the morning, I love not to talk to anybody and drink my coffee in silence and one night we just talked about it and about other stuff. And we kept on talking through the next weeks and discovered, that we complete each other in an unique, awkward and unthinkable way. If you get to know her, you’ll think, she is a very serious person. I liked to call her “La Grande Madame”, because that is just the way she talks, behaves and dresses. And I am…well…me. Loud (what she didn’t like in the beginning), very direct, a bullshit talker and eye roller (yes, she came to love my eye rolls and started laughing about them). She discovered that I am not the person, people see me for at first sight. I don’t like parties and prefer writing, talking in a quiet corner with people than shouting across a place, but God gave me this loud voice and the “I am here” attitude (well…).

We rented a car under our names and went on this little adventure of driving the first time by ourselves in Mexico.

I love how we complete each other and opened up other sides of each other. She showed me, that I need to be more aware of other peoples’ feelings and how I come across in some moments. She gave me the feeling that I was okay the way I was and truly accepted me for the chaotic person I can be and encouraged my writing. Maybe she is also a reason for me finally finding a purpose for a page like this one.

Photo: Sayulita Downtown, Mexico

What also will make this unforgetable: We finally arrived in Sayulita and after 1 hour of searching for the house, we went to eat. After we gave our order, the two other girls (from France) were checking the phone and telling us, that Paris was under attack. I’m getting goose bumps, thinking back to that moment, when we started to realize what was happening. They keep getting tweets and Facebook posts of people writing about what was going on, some where trapped at the hot spots and calling for help and others were looking for their friends. Yes, indeed, that was an unforgetful event.


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