La Paz – Cabos San Lucas

This is my first post and as though I promised myself, that I will first build the site and try things out, until I’m satisfied, and then load the old things first, BUT here I am, writing.

I landed in La Paz, Baja California yesterday and thank God my credit card worked with me, so that getting the rental car I reserved, wasn’t that hard or during. My travel partner was landing in the evening and at the other side of Baja, so I had to go pick him up, so that we can enjoy a week in this beautiful place on earth.

I got an Automatic car. And again, thanking God that 3 weeks ago my roommate was too drunk, when we visited some friends and he asked me to drive us home, in his Automatic car, and I did good, despite me being nervous for his Audi and our lives, and for the fact that I was breaking with my left foot andd always wondering why I can’t break smoothly anymore. Without those 10 mintes Automatic driving class, I would have given the car back and be full of horror of and for myself driving something I don’t know at all.

The picture above shows a momentum of my 233 kilometer drive from La Paz to Cabos San Jose and then to Cabos San Lucas, where we are staying for the next days.

I was so happy during that drive. I was all alone for 3 hours in the car and not nervous at all (after receiving my drivers’ license, I hated driving and especially alone), not even when there were some stupid people behind me, doing stupid things. I was stressed out a little when it got darker and cars where driving to close to me, which always makes me anxious, but I wasn’t willing to drive over 120 km/h just because I felt pressured. I was always driving 100-120 km/h, what doesn’t seem much and worth mentioning, bt to me it is. I did my drivers license about 2 years ago and was afraid of driving in general. That’s why it took me too long to finish the whole process and as I started liking driving, one fear always stuck with me: the fear of driving fast and losing control of the car, so driving 100-120 km per hour for 3 hours, is a big surprise to myself. And all of that in an automatic car.

So I have battled some anxieties while driving through the Mexican prairie.
Yes, the Picture was taken while driving my 120 km/h per hour.


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