Cabos San Lucas & Cabo Pulmo

I found paradise. Never would I have thought that the Ocean and I would ever come to love each other. As a kid I fell into the fountain in Africa, where we get water from and that somehow traumatised me. When I learned swimming, my dad just through me into the water (à la: You’ll will learn once you in there all by yourself). I came to like water but still fear the ocean. I can not name one beach I was one in the las 24 years of my life. But somehow I got accostumed to it. I saw more water (oceans, lakes etc…) here and starting to love it was inevitable, it seems.

Cabos is a paradise. San Lucas is full of tourists and so everything is expressed in dollars and too expensive, but putting that aside, I love it here. I was in Cabo Pulmo yesterday and snorkeled for the first time in my life. Two and a half hours, for 38 €. To my own shame, I don’t have a warterproof camera or even action cam, but I loved it so much, that it won’t be the last time and for the next time, I will be prepared!

Cabo Pulmo is the in contrary to San Lucas, really quite, the waves aren’t big at all and the whole area is a National Park, filled with desert and at the coast is this little and overwhelming place. I keep promising myself to come back to Mexico, I know that promise isn’t going to hold for the next years, since I really want to discover so much more than the countries I already visited, and South America is calling me, but I would totally drop by here again, when I want a quite place to day dream, when life is running faster than I like it.

I enjoy driving here so much, the streets are in most cases very safe, well made and the landscape is breathtaking, especially driving along the coast.

Photo: Playa de Los Divorciados, Cabos San Lucas


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    1. Jacquie says:

      thank you so very much 🙂

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