My 5000 Pesos view

My roommate from Cabos took me the evening before to a private beach and to the mountain full with million dollar houses, to show me the sunset and it was breathtaking. We made the plan to hike the next morning to see the sunrise from another mountain that wasn’t that populated.

We said. We did. We were a little late (because he overslept), parked our cars and started walking up the hill. The view? Wonderful. The beach I could see, was the Playa de los Divorciados and even the point I stopped climbed the other day with Bernie. We dat down and enjoined our view over everything and after a while came down to go to breakfast. There was a paper on my windshield and on the one of my roomie (whose name is Esteban by the way) and our plaquetes were gone. We didn’t really know why and what for, so we decided to go to the police station later. In that moment, the two police cars which we had to thank for, for the tickets cam around the corner and explained to us, that I was standing on the disabled parking lot. But there was no sign, no symbol drawn on the ground. Nothing. The only thing blue was the sidewalk, where the beginning was blue and that was indication enough for me to not park next to it. Discussion with Mexican police when they made up their mind, is like trying to argue with a catholic priest, that you don’t want to get to heaven. You can’t win. I have seen far more and worse, I have studied the Mexican Legal system and knew that acceptance was the best way for everthing, especially in little cases like ours.

We asked how much it was and they answered us 7000 Pesos. The moment I started liking my roommate was the moment, when he told me that he doesn’t paritcipate in corruption. Not even the littlest amounts on the streets. So I knew he would never ask the police men how much it would cost with them. So we went to the station and paid our full price each. Why he got a ticket btw? Because he was blocking the disabled parking lot. Yay. We both paid 5113 Pesos (instead of 7000, because we paid in the first 4 days) each, got our stuff and went home. When we left the office, I heard the ladies giggling about us and wondering why we paid 5000 Pesos. I still am pretty sure that there was something fishy going on, but I just cannot wrap my head around it, so I just started laughing about it. What else to do? San Lucas broke my banking account. The ticket is more than the car and our Air BnBs put together.

Photo: San Lucas Cabos, Mexico – View on Playa de los Diverciados and the Arc


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