Beautiful Mexico

There are lot of things I would never have thought I would be doing. I was so involved with myself as a teenager, that I didn’t look around me at all. I saw the world through the thousand books I have read and not with my own own eyes. Maybe because I already knew and experienced that reality sucks. So I did everything to flee it and the best solution I found was sticking my nose into books and walking the streets without even bothering looking up, when something happened. People would laugh at me and tell me to be careful or I’ll smash into something someday. It never happened.

I’m taking a minute to thank my past for my present. Reality still sucks, the world is still screwed up and a mess and getting worse instead of humanity pulling itself together and facing their problems together. But I have discovered the beauty of life and inmidst of the chaos and the hate, love and compassion. People who lift my spirit and incourage me to do better. People who see me for who I am and appreciate me. People I can truly rely on and if I think of the fact that I started all this all alone, without any help and without people seeing my true colours and only the colour of my skin, I can not believe how fast things turned around. And I know I wouldn’t have found those people, if I didn’t have started this path alone, got to know myself and my inner strenghts. Thank you Mexico for showing me so much more than I signed up for.

Photo: La Paz, Baja California Mexico – along the beach promenade


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