I want everything and nothing.

I want to explore the world but stay within my 4 walls.

I want to jump off from cliffs but walk safely on the ground.

I want to drown in my dreams and stay awake to see the beauty around me.

I want to live forever to find answers but am already dead inside.

I want to marry somebody but am incapable of love.

I want to scream at the world but stay a silent observer.

I want to live between bright lights and long for a place in the middle of nowhere.

I want to experience every emotion but am a coward.

I want you and nobody.

I want to tell you everything and nothing.

I want to touch you and keep my distance.

I want to laugh with you but secretly cry into my pillow.

I want you to see me but always look away when our eyes meet.

I want it all and nothing.

I want light and darkness surrounding me.

I want to be your liquor and your water.

I want to see every sunrise and sunset.

I want to stay and flee.

I want to fly and dive.

I want to be new but insist on the old.

I want…nothing.


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