Back to Spring


Semana Santa (Springbreak) is over and yesterday was my first day back in school. It is unbelievable how with one step in one particular building, the body falls iinto another state and forgets the relaxed happy last days. I wrote my first exam at 7 in the morning and stayed like every monday till 9 pm. Through the da my realization about the things I need to do in four days increased and every course seemed to add more work to the pile of paper and word dschungel that I was balancing on my head.

When I first stepped out of the library at approximately 9 am, the sun has finally found our campus and I noticed the purple trees enchanting me. I realized it was Spring and the campus was really beautiful shining in green and violet. Everytime I looked up yesterday and saw the colours of the trees, with the sky in the background and I deep satisfaction, happiness and calmness came over me.

It was a great day. Memo planned our next trip in 30 minutes, I discovered “my maps” in Google Maps where I can drop pins all over the world, which is more addictive than one could imagine. I talked to people I haven’t talked to so far. Maybe being happy about the little things set me to a medium level between my vacation feeling and the level of being back in Tec. Maybe I just… was happy despite the weight upon my head.


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