The voices in my life


„You are unpredictable“ my brother

„Always be aware that you are a black woman in a white man society“ my parents

“You are not the outcome I have hoped for” my mother

“You are my little angel” my grandmother

“You are something” a friend

“Either people love you or hate you. There is no in between with you” a friend

“You are too German to an African” a friend

“You are something special. Never forget that” my boss

“You are as beautiful as the night sky” an acquaintance

“You are too much in your head” my roommate

“The best profession for you would be a domina” my boss

“You have to learn how to cook African. What is your future husband going to eat?” my uncle

“You are a mean person” my brother

“You cannot bend rules as you wish” a teacher

“You are the light in my class” a teacher

“You cannot become a teacher for the German language as a black person” my boss

“You are too aggressive, too ambitious” a friend

“Know your place” a stranger on the street

“You are a whore and an alcoholic” my father

“You are my inspiration” a friend

“You freak me out” a friend

“You are not an introvert. Have you ever looked at yourself” an acquaintance

“I don’t believe you were sexually assaulted. How can you be such a happy person” a classmate

“Actually you are a very cool person” a friend

“I can’t believe she is 12” the man who assaulted me

“You are capable for too many things” a friend

“Your voice is too loud” an acquaintance

“You are prude” an acquaintance

“I can see why people surround you” a friend

“You have a dirty mind” a friend

“Consider how other people see you” a friend

“You are two faced” a friend

“Men always turn for me when we walk the street” a friend

“Smile” a stranger on the street

“People like you don’t belong here” a stranger on the street

“Your German is very good for a foreigner” a stranger on the street

“I’m happy with everything you are and represent” me



6 Comments Add yours

  1. I too am happy with everything you are and represent. Marianne

    1. Jacquie says:

      You are too kind 🙂 Thank you

      1. You are very welcome … Marianne

  2. lifelessons says:

    This is wonderful, Jacquie––the best response to this prompt that I’ve read.

    1. Jacquie says:

      Your comment makes me so happy. Thank you for taking the minute to leave me those words

      1. lifelessons says:

        Thanks for inspiring them, Jacquie.

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