Huasteca – San Louis Potosi

The adventure of a lifetime began, when we (Memo, Bernie, Octi, Zuzi and I) packed our things to drive 8 hours to the Nature park “Huasteca”. Memo borrowed his Dads car. Thank God he did, because we all had enough space. We arrived almost 9 hours later in a little ghosttown. Nobody was onthe streets, the camping sites were closed and the 2 hotels, which were there, were to expensive. Our first night ended with us sleeping in the car. We were so afraid. It was foggy, the streets were dark and we were in the middle of nowhere.

We gave our trip the slogan: “ForeverAlone” and indeed. It didn’t matter where we went, we were alone. Every site we visited besides the “Cave of Swallows” that is 512 meters deep, where birds fly in and out in the night and the “Castillo de Surrealista de Edward James”.

In the foto I’m standing on top of the “Cascadas Minas Viejas” one of the biggest waterfalls in Huasteca. Funnily when we got there, the about 50 meters high waterfall didn’t have water. The region had dry season and people wwere so surprised by us wanting to go anyways and see the view. It was marvellous. Being able to stand literally on top of a waterfall, walking on it, knowing that that wouldn’t be doable some weeks earlier or after, geve us the feeling of being special… real discoverers.

It was a sweet trip. A green paradise where we ate tuna every morning and afternoon out of the trunck of the car and nutella. Even though I was annoyed a little by little things, I really enjoyed every litlle minute of it. I wish we could have stayed there longer and seen more than I have.

Photo: Huasteca, cascadas Minas Viejas, san Luis Potosi – Mexico


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